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First time with NSBL?

Thanks for visiting North Shore Basketball League (NSBL).

NSBL is based in St Ives, playing all sessions at St Ives High School.

We offer the following to our members:

  • After School Sessions (skills training sessions)

  • Sunday Competition for Grades 3 & above, members are allocated to teams & play in a round-robin format. 1 hour sessions have a training & game, all run by club coaches.

  • K-2 skills program Session Info / Times can be found HERE. Some members do one session a week, others do just Sunday & many do a combination. The number of sessions members participate in is completely up to the individual's availability (and enthusiasm).

We also run a Social Mixed Adult Competition on a Wednesday night.

Have a question? It may be listed on our FAQ page if you still need help or information please Contact Us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Social Media: NSBL is also on Instagram & Facebook

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon


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