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Club Email (sent Monday July 5th)

Club Email: Hoping everyone is coping with the lockdown and staying safe. This lockdown has left many individuals, families and businesses anxious for good news. NSBL is also in the same predicament with the start of our term program never looking so unclear. We are all eagerly awaiting updates which unfortunately fall very close to the start of the school term. Term 3 Registrations remain open via the club website with our start date planned for Monday July 12th onwards (this is to be confirmed post-lockdown). If we are unable to proceed for Term 3 due to restrictions, any member signed up for Term 3 will receive a full credit. I will communicate all updates at the end of the lockdown and school holidays. Please check the club website / social media / emails for information.

Thank you in advance for your patience during these uncertain times.

Please touch base if you have any queries.

Stay safe & take care.

Yoel - NSBL


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