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8 years ago, in May 2013, the club logo was being released for the first time and we were almost at 30 members. NSBL has grown just a little...

NSBL has reached a new milestone. 600 members a week playing in club sessions! The above figure does not include 1v1s, external teams and in school hour sessions, if it did it would be closer to 700 people playing basketball with the club.

Thank you to the following: St Ives High School, for hosting us for many years beforehand & no doubt many years ahead. Covenant Christian School (Belrose), for your incredible flexibility & ultimately saving our 2021 Sunday operations. German International School (Terrey Hills), for your flexibility and hosting our 2021 holiday camps.

And of course thank you to all of our enthusiastic, loyal & supportive members, families and the wonderful NSBL coaches.

Stay posted, some exciting club updates being released soon.


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