Covid-19 Health & Safety Practices

  • Each spectator must sign-in using the QR Code at the entrance to the hall.

  • After clarifying with NSW Health - each place of business is to update their covid plan accordingly. UNTIL JUNE 30th MASKS ARE TO BE WORN BY ALL SPECTATORS.
    Playing members are not required to wear masks.
    Coaches are technically not required to as they are exercising, however have been instructed to do so.

  • IF unwell, DO NOT attend any sessions. THIS WILL BE ENFORCED

  • Please exercise common sense so we can all continue to exercise.

  • IF a member, spectator or staff are unwell AFTER attending a club session, notify Yoel on 0403994240 immediately.

  • All NSBL members, staff, spectators to use hand sanitizer on arrival.

  • At the conclusion of sessions, members are requested to depart the school i.e. not “hang around” and take the direct path to the Yarrabung road exit of school.

  • Any member trying on uniforms must use hand sanitizer.

  • Uniform try-on samples to be washed regularly (already occurs).

  • Bibs to be washed after every use (already occurs)

  • Handshakes after games are not currently allowed.

  • Sharing of drink bottles or food is not currently allowed