Sports Facility: opening date has been delayed, we are working with St Ives High School and will update you once we have any more information. It will be well worth the wait!

Term 4 program - Registrations have CLOSED. All sessions are at capacity, except for the Tuesday 5pm session (grades 6-8) or Tuesday 6pm session (grades 8+). Get in touch if you would like to join these sessions.

Sunday Competition: Grades 3/4: team lists and game times are updated. Grades 5/6: team lists and game times are updated. Grades 7/8 & Grades 9+ : There have been a number of significant changes. please check your team list and session times via the club website.

Welcome back to Term 4, almost all sessions are at capacity!

SUNDAY COMP: Session times for this weekend (Sunday Oct 18th) have been updated to the club website*. Check your team list and session time under your allocated age group. *please note grades 9+ comp your page is under development still.

COVID-19 UPDATE - please remain vigilant, social distancing on the sidelines, using sanitizer on arrival, signing in etc. IF YOU ARE UNWELL - DO NOT ATTEND.

Sports Development: Mid November there will be a week of no basketball as the school / club transitions to the new venue. This will be communicated to the club soon.

Have a great weekend ahead!

Registrations have CLOSED for Term 4 2020.

Start Dates: After School Sessions resume from: Monday October 12th Sunday Competition resumes from: Sunday October 18th

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